Quality is everything when it comes to matters jewelry. It is therefore highly recommended that you have the best products for your customers at all time. There are so many sources of jewelry to sell online, and it all depends on the type of online shop that you are running. Some of the known sources of jewelry you could consider include;

Outsourcing from bigger stores

In this situation, you will simply be a reseller, and you will make a profit from the commissions. This is so far the most popular types of online jewel sellers. The reason why you could resolve to resell is that you are good at marketing these products. Since you can attract buyers, you don’t have to manufacture this jewelry by yourself.

Sell jewelry that you make

Some people are talented in making nice jewelry. If you can do this, then you already have a genuine source, and you can decide to sell online. The only challenge is finding time to do both because you need to be producing and marketing full time. If that is the case then you could have someone preferably and expert digital marketer to help you push your brand.

Sell jewelry on behalf of other people

Expensive jewelry like ones made from gold and diamonds usually act as assets. You will, therefore, find some people selling their valuable jewels to cater to certain financial needs. Typically, such people don’t know how to get buyers, but maybe you do hence they will look for you. You should, however, be very careful so that you do not end up selling something that has been stolen.

Antique jewelry hunter

Some people only sell antique jewelry that has been in existence for thousands of years. These are the type of jewelry that was worn by the royalty many years ago or are simply older that many generations. Such jewelry is not easy to come by, and they cost a fortune. However, if it is what you want to do, then you will find a trail that will lead you to a reliable source.


There are many ways of acquiring jewelry for sale. Whichever source you have, always make sure that you are selling the real thing that is also of high quality. The only way to kill your online jewelry shop is selling counterfeit products that will give your business a bad name.